Your  kit saved our vacation.  My denture broke on the flight and the kit saved the trip. Thank you! 

HY - Tulsa, OK

We are avid boaters and the dental kit has saved  many trips for us.  Great idea and we have it on both our boats. 

JH - Savanah,  GA

My son fractured  his tooth on a camping trip and the kit saved the day. He was out of pain and comfortable until we reached our dentist  the next  day. 

PK -  Ripley,  MS

We were getting ready  to go to a wedding when my front cap fell out in the sink.  Thankfully we had  purchased one of your kits and  within minutes  we were on our way to the wedding

YT - New York, NY   

My husband  fell on our bike trip and  loosened  2 teeth. The wax splint  helped  him finish the day until he  got to the dentist.  Great  kit!! 

LF - Paraumus, NJ    

A must for every traveler who dreads the dental problem on vacation or business trip. Thanks!

FR - Fresno, Ca   

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