1. I am not medically or dentally trained. Is it safe and easy to use for me or my kids?

    Yes. All the components are either pre mixed  or easy to mix. They are designed for temporary relief and are safe for adults and children when used as directed. 
  2. How long are the components good for in the kit?

    The shelf  life is 3 years on all components except for the denture repair liquid  which  is 2 years.

  3. Can the kit fix a broken bridges?

    The wax in the kit can possibly hold the bridge together  for short periods until you get to a dentist.

  4. My bridge constantly comes loose. Can I keep on recementing it?

    Yes you can but its best to see your dentist and get the bridge redone.
  5. Can I fix a denture that broke in half?

    Yes. Make sure the pieces  line up and then follow directions. If pieces are missing  you must see your dentist.

  6. My tooth cracked in half. Can I use the temporary filling? 

    Yes, but it will not hold for long. Cover the tooth with the filling material and see your dentist.

  7. Can I use the dental wax to cover my braces that are irritating my lip?

    Yes, simply place wax over the metal area of brace and push into place.  See your orthodontist to make permanent adjustment.

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